What happens next…

So I had written my 1st blog, launched my 1st website and Facebook page… great – a glass of wine for me… Then it hit me… what now? The only thing I can liken it to is when I was pregnant for the 1st time, I spent 9mths planning for Benji’s arrival, worrying about the labour then it’s suddenly time for you to go home and you think what the hell now? Now it’s time for the hard work and fun to really begin! So after the last 10mths of planning and preparing for the launch its up and running but that’s just the start of the journey ahead.  It’s a really busy month and a huge learning curve with mastering social media, website maintenance and looking after our brood but in the midst of this I saw an article from Mini Vogue

“10 Baby Presents Parents Never Knew They Needed”—presents-for-baby

This really resonated with me as I have been thinking of new gift sets that new mums will love. But also what do we really need as new mums? This is often over looked as it is not the fun part. There are some great ideas in here, some of which I think will be great in new gifts sets in the future -so watch this space. Here are some of the items that were great for us:

Sheepskin pram liner – this has kept them snuggly in the winter and cool in the summer. Looks slightly more used now but still a favourite!

Halilit maracas – you will probably see these at any baby sensory class and they are great. I always had one in my bag in case they got a bit bored when we were out

Teething necklace– I have to admit this was a bit of a treat for me as I got a few that went with different outfits (outfits is making it seem a bit more glamourous than it was) basically made me feel like I was ‘making an effort’ and it entertained both Benji and Rosa in their 1st years whilst they sat on my knee.

4way bib – both of mine were real droolers and spillers and I was constantly going through bibs, this was genius as you can turn it over and start a fresh J

Pram string – Rosa still loves the Hess teddy pram string keeping her entertained when we are on the go.

Touche Eclait – for when I really want to make an effort after a night of sleep deprivation!

But what I would love to know is what was the best gift that you received when you had your 1st baby (or after that). Anything that really helped along the way, was adored by your baby or a real treat for you?