Faye & Lou

Products: Muslins Bandana’s & Comforters

Faye & LouA bit about the Faye and Lou:

Faye & Lou Ltd was founded by Faye Norton and Lucinda de Watteville in 2008. The Faye and Lou team comprises experienced mothers and expert nannies dedicated to making a mothers life easier.

“We don’t claim to know everything, but we’ve got a good idea of what parents need, of what works and what doesn’t.”

Since 2005 we’ve been developing products that support parents who share our belief that there’s nothing complicated about good parenting: love, security, good nutrition, creative play and sound sleep – for parents and children! – are its foundation

What we love about Faye and Lou:

We adore the soft fabrics teamed with the bright colours and durability. The 4 way bandana’s came in extremely useful when entering the teething stage and the muslins we extremely practical, resilient and had many uses.

We hope you love this brand as much as we do!