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My 1st Blog…the ‘treasure’ box…

It is a day of 1sts for me, 1st website, 1st blog, 1st business. Since deciding to start a blog I have been thinking about how to begin – what do I want to say? Do I have anything to say? God, I hope it doesn’t sound rubbish.  Then I saw my 10mth old daughter Rosa, completely transfixed in her ‘treasure’ box I had quickly put together from one of my sample boxes and her toys. It was a few simple things that I had stuffed in a box for her. She sat there opening the box and one by one pulling each toy out giving it a twirl, a chew, a whack, a shake (this can be repeated many times) and then on to the next piece of ‘treasure’. This got me thinking about how something so simple can be so amazing to a child. This treasure box is still a favourite of hers, does your child have something similar? If so, what do you put in it? Here are some suggestions from us but really the magic of this idea is that you can choose whatever you want to put in it and it will be the best thing ever to your baby! Here is what Rosa loves in her ‘treasure’ box:

  • Hess Wooden Sphere,
  • Plastic Baby Links
  • Halilit Baby Maracas
  • ‘That’s not my Monkey…’ Book
  • Baby Spoon
  • A couple of MegaBlocks

So there it is my first blog. Does/ did your child have a ‘treasure’ box’? What did you put in it? I’m sure new mums out there would love know your top tips!

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